GAMONT Services

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What GAMONT offers?

Excellence Model, to maximize the effectiveness of compliance, the productivity of its operational management system, customer satisfaction and the agility to respond to new market needs. Advice and support are offered to implement a model of operational excellence in quality management with an integrated system approach, this offer may include 1 or more services such as rapid consultation (*), audit, diagnosis, roadmap, the design of the solution, support for deployment of the solution and post-implementation support.
Empowerment through training, to ensure that knowledge is not only lost but is assimilated into capabilities required by your organization In the case of management systems, an initial diagnosis of training needs is made and a plan is established that includes general topics and/or certification that are provided by our strategic partners, which are complemented with specific training for application in your organization, in this way ensures that the knowledge learned in the general courses become specific operational capabilities that your organization requires.
Continuous update, to keep abreast of changes and trends that may affect your organization, as well as issues that can help you improve your competitiveness. Through articles, informative notes and invitation to open forums of conversation on relevant topics for the management of management systems

How is the GAMONT offer delivered to interested audiences?

We have several ways to offer you our services, select the most useful of the following, click on the corresponding link to send us your query or order.

Services Without Charge (*)
Quick queries that are made through the electronic media that GAMONT has available, and that will receive a brief response with high added value. They can be on a one-to-one basis or in a public forum, leagues or links to free virtual contents that are published on various platforms and sites of interest are also included.

Conventional Services Ad hoc
Queries that require a response with an acceptable level of structuring and a differentiation to give a specific solution to the needs raised, these can be presented in the form of audits, diagnostics, training courses, process documentation, evaluation/analysis visits, recommendations or roadmaps for specific cases, etc. Or a combination of several. The proposal is formulated from a series of initial conversations that result in a proposed solution.

Services by Project
Structured projects with a duration of more than 6 months that, based on an initial analysis/evaluation, result in a roadmap or work plan proposal based on a virtual or field monitoring process, in order to achieve the results determine

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Specialized technical services for the cement industry and similar

Advising, audits, diagnostics, monitoring support and support projects to optimize or solve problems in the departments – Control and Quality Assurance laboratories, as well as solutions for the chemical control of production processes, in addition to studies of raw materials and new deposits.

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